The Legacy Masters will help you produce a professional quality video biography in your home (or location of your choosing). You will have a beautiful personal documentary to share with your family, children, and generations beyond. Included in the basic package:

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Give us a call about price. Each project has its own special requirements. We will work with you to create a video that is right for your family and budget, while keeping the production quality extremely high. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and work to customize a project that fits your budget

The Equipment

We shoot on a brand new professional broadcast camera that TV stations use around the globe. For the technically inclined: It's a Panasonic P2 HPX-500, a 2/3 inch chip camera with a Fujinon HD lens. We offer a High Definition option as well as a the normal Standard Definition used in TV broadcast today. Does the equipment matter? It matters in the long run. The new consumer and prosumer cameras are very good, but they cannot deliver the same crispness and resolution a full professional 2/3 inch chip camera puts out. Since the whole TV business is moving to High Definition and digital broadcast it makes sense to use a camera in that realm so the DVD presentation at home on a brand new plasma or LCD screen will look gorgeous now, and many years from now.